About the LME Channel

The Laserlight Music Experience Channel was the first category channel created by HSU in 2009 with the inception of HSU on the web in 2009. The LME Channel pays tribute and homage to Music Artist in club, vocal dance, EDM, trance, and electronic progressive music genres.  Originally the MES started out as two-part Series, hence the name of the E Series second album, 'Expanded', but was changed to a trilogy Series when there was not enough room for the two albums to include all the music that was slated for the album series which explains the name of the third album, Evolved.

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The Matrix E Series began the LME Series when HSU launched on the web in 2009 with the induction of Matrix Energized and Expanded. Originally slated for a two album series, the series evolved into a trilogy, hence that last name, Matrix Evolved. The entire series was retired when Matrix Equalized was released as the best of the Matrix E. This was the only series that got a forth best of album.

The Series included:

  • Matrix Energized

  • Matrix Expanded

  • Matrix Evolved

  • Matrix Equalized

The Matrix V Series was started two years after Matrix Evolved was released and got its first trilogy album in 2013 .

The Series included:

  • Matrix Viral

  • Matrix Visceral 

  • Matrix Vitalized

The Matrix U Series was completed with the R Series and launched with the Whiteout Flagship. The U Series was completed first ahead of schedule which gave time yo work on the R Series. 

The Series included:

Matrix Undefined

Matrix Unleashed

Matrix Unsealed

The Matrix R Series was released in 2017 in conjunction with the U Series under Whiteout's Flagship. This was the only series that failed to complete a trilogy leaving only two albums as the series was concluded to move onto the A Series as HSU's Anniversary was quickly approaching.

This Series Included:

Matrix Recession

Matrix Regenerated

The 3rd album scheduled was Matrix Revived that was never completed.

Next Matrix DLS

The Final SLS (Single Letter Series) was launched under the Skywatch Ann. Site and concluded with the Skyview Ann. site in 2019 bringing a close to the SLS Matrix Tribute Albums. This series concluded with a special edition 4th album that concluded the series which also represented each letter in the SLS Series.

This series included:

Matrix Abyss

Matrix Astral

Matrix Aura

Matrix Avure

The Matrix DLS (Double Letter series) was scheduled to be launched under Blackstar in 2020. But due to Blackstar's early retirement after only two month, the series was delayed and finally launched as the debut album for the Timeshift Flagship.

This series includes:

Matrix Axel

Matrix Axis

Matrix Axon

Reserved for the next DLS entry Coming in 2022

The TZZ Series was created in 2020 with the release of Blackstar Flagship which was retired shortly after launch.  This new series is scheduled to be launched soon under the Infusion Flagship in 2022.