About the MLX Channel


The MLX Channel was created in 2012 with release of Bulletproof TA when blockbuster movies came into the scope of HSU Tribute Albums. All TAs dealing with movies, from 2012 to 2017, fell under this single channel category.


But when the Whiteout Flagship launched in 2017, the need for expansion became obvious for the staff and HSU. Since blockbuster movies and films was now in full site, the decision was made to create a filing and expansion system that could handle TAs by classification instead of just by channels, or formerly called back then, by categories. 

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Film Music Xperience
Broadcast Paradox Xperience
Horror Music Xperience
Video Game Xperience

The FMX Series was created for Blockbuster Films and Movies. This Category will contain all TAs under the MLX label that includes any major motion pictures relating to a series of movies (sequels and prequels), comic book live action films, or other movies related to Film studios. The exception to films is that the horror genre will fall in it's own Series of HMX.

The MLX BFX (Broadcast Film Xperience) Series was originally created in 2017 to contain content dealing with broadcasting, T.V. shows, and talk-radio dealing with off-worldly subject matter. In 2021 the channel name was changed in Honor of Art Bell, for whom the first Bulletproof TA story was based on. The new channel will direct energy in seeking the truth in the Paradox of the Paranormal and alien life. More information will be coming forward about this Series once we get past launch operation of Infusion.

The HMX Series was created to allow all horror music TAs relating to horror movies, films, music and horror theming. This Series was created as some TA content may contain content that may not be suitable for all audiences and allows the Series to issue warning labels as such. It contains all TAs under the MLX Channel that includes material and music from music artist, film composers, horror films and movies, along with any Halloween material that would be considered horror genre. This series also includes horror video game content.

The VGX Series was created to contain content that relates to the video gaming industry. The exception to this rule is that horror video game TAs will fall under the HMX Series. But all other gaming content as well as any series of video games which contain the same overall theme, such as Call Of Duty would fall here. The other exception to this rule would be the FMX Series that may include content dealing with video gaming if it relates to a series of movies tied to that gaming content. Jurassic Music Evolution is a good example of that.


Predator Music Requiem


Star Trek: Music Beyond Generations

Star Wars: The Music Strikes Back


Ghost After Dark


Resident Evil:

Music Resurrection

Dead Space:

The Music Sprawl


Ubur Cims Vol. 2