About the MRC Channel


The Music Remix Compilation channel was created as a category channel when HSU launched on the web in 2009 and added in 2010 as a side series to the LME Channel as a way to pay tribute to music Artist and Bands that did not fit into the original LME Channel.  After the MRC launched in 2010, MRC concentrated its tribute homage to the genres of rock, pop, and spiritual instrumental. Originally the channel was divided into 4 series, but after a couple of that all changed. Continue slide to read more.

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Retro Rock Radio

The MTR Series was created in 2017 with the MPP Series and launched under the Whiteout Flagship. Originally created as a four tier Channel system, the MTR included all TAs that did not fit either under the MPP, RAD, or SEL. When RAD and SEL were discontinued, those TAs were moved under this Series, with the exception of two albums, Coaster Rock which was moved to the VGX Series under the MLX Channel and A Stamp From Above, a Tribute to the Pink Floyd Band, which was moved to the MBC Series when it launched with Infusion.

The MPP Series, also created in 2017 under Whiteout contains a specific theme of albums, with the word 'Rock' in the title to pay tribute and homage to solo Artist and Bands single top chart hits in the rock and classic rock genre. When the 6th album (Rock The Highway) was released, that TA created a mini-trilogy within this Series (dealing with autos, trains, and planes). Since the final album (Rock The Skyway) has been released, the Series will now be returned to its original themed roots.

The MBC Series was created under the Blackstar Flagship but did open its first debut album until Infusion launched. Originally scheduled to launch under Blackstar, the Series was postponed when the Blackstar Flagship was retired after two months, due to the death of two loved staff members, which had nothing to do with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This new Series will be a mix of new rock classic that combines the formula of the MPP and will highlight the music career of Artist and Bands that will not be featured in the MBC. It will also include other Music Artist to compliment the original Artist featured in the form a radio channel named after the original Artist being highlighted. This Series will be managed by the HSU CEO who will use this Series as his personal rock channel as we take a trip down memory lane when LP's and cassettes were the highlight of audio fidelity before the digital age came about.


Children of the Sun


Vol. 9 - Rock The Dragons



Deep Space

Bad Company

Rock and Roll Forever

Collective Soul

Down the Rabbit Hole

Def Leppard

Near Sighted Delusions


Ice Cold Cocktails


Infinite Wisdom


Bob Segar Radio