HA-HA HA-HA, the jokes on the Bat-freak

you can't stop my chemical plant-
and you can't stop me robbing the bank-
you're nothing but a side-show freak-
so watch me as I go on a chaos streak-
and turn your world upside down-
while I turn Gotham citizens into nothing but clowns





This was the original Batman Tribute that never came to be after the Founder created the Bulletproof Story 4 Tribute to Christopher Nolan and the Dark Knight Trilogy which was retired when the HSU server crashed in 2015 damaging all the master files. Originally slated to cover the two Tim Burton and two Joel Schumacher Films, the project never surfaced. Since I am a real-life Batman for medically challenged and terminally-ill children in Hospitals (read more at Georgia Batman), I had a personal interest to complete this project and replace what was brought forward previously that is no longer available. 


When I took over as Captain of HSU in 2020, I created the idea of Infusion as the '21 Flagship and knew that this was the debut album that I wanted to accompany the new Flagship to give it the justice it needed to make-up for the lost time that Blackstar and Timeshift suffered with the tragic loss of two beloved staff members. So with the release of this Debut TA for Infusion, I hope you enjoy this unique one of a kind tribute that brings together the two Joker worlds of 'Batman' and 'The Dark Knight' highlighted by some awesome soundtrack music from the Batman animated series, the animated movies, and live action films, along with some extraordinary music artist and bands all fitting into the theme of the album. -HSU CEO, AxV

Easter Eggs

There are clear easter eggs that were intentionally placed in this album. They are in the cover art and chapter titles, along with a lot in the album itself. There is also a tie between this album and the Debut MBC Tribute to, The Goo Goo Dolls, which is the main reason they are credited with three songs in this album as the two albums are tied together. The Infusion name comes from the fact being this is the debut album for the Infusion Flagship. It also refers to the fact the of how the album infused the two worlds of Batman's Joker and The Dark Knight's Joker together. The bat symbol on the cover art is an easter egg within itself. Here is a sample of just a few more.

 Their song 'Over and Over' was used to attribute to the Dark Knight's Joker's line of "I think you and I are destined to do this forever", meaning Batman and Joker will also be fighting over and over in the DC-verse with many more films and animated features pitting the two against each other, "you'll see, I show you!", so he says.

 The main tag-line in the cover art comes from my thoughts of the world being turned upside down because of the pandemic that that has ended the lives of over 4 million people. And in a world that is upside down, life becomes a game. Either you follow the rules and die a hero, or you break the rules and live long enough to see yourself become a villain. The criminal underworld that the Joker lives in will always be a greater force at hand than the savior world of one superhero, but in the end, good will always prevail over evil.

 There is a tribute to Mark Hamill, who played the Joker in the animated films, but it is very hard to find as it is almost impossible to tell one laugh from another. Hint, it's an ending tribute. There is also a Tribute to the '66 Batman TV Series Joker but it marked for you in the PSS. Can you spot how Joker named the next incarnation of the Bat movie? And the list goes on and on, only to ask the final question, Superman, where are you now?


  • Category Series: fmx

  • TAL File Name: bmi

  • Release Date: 07.21.2021

  • Album Length: 01.44.13

  • Genre: Soundtrack, rock

  • All song material has been edited from its original content to fit the format and time limit of this TA and plays as one continuous track, therefore songs cannot be selected individually. Individual track playlist are provided for viewer convenience and can not be downloaded.

  • HSU Tribute Album may include special edition tribute songs that HSU has remixed and created to honor the artist and that can only be found on certified tribute albums created by HSU. TA also includes additional material created by HSU making this album a unique listening experience.​

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titan v8 audio center



This TA is a Tribute to D.C. Comics, Warner Bros. Pictures, the Directors, Composers, Actors, Supporting Cast Members, behind the scenes crew members, and to all the Musical Artist whom have all made this album possible. 



Understanding The PSS

When creating TAs of this magnitude that involve extensive time, effort and research, a project story script (PSS) has to be written much like the script of a movie. So with this debut release, we infused some of the source material and created this new base format as the key components for the V8 Titan Engine.


Each chapter is listed as it was created in the PSS along with the original music track title followed by the source material and artist that created the track. If there is HSU Tribute Remix (HSUTR) created from the original music source, it is listed first followed a > to indicate what source was used. Clicking on the album covers will take you to the Spotify album playlist where you can further search the artist and their library. Film and TV sound clips are shown in brackets and italic along with source where the clip originated from. Composers have their own link to the IMDB that provides more educational info about them.

Chapter 1 Batman's Entrance Album Covers -Spotify Links

Chapter 2 - Joker's Entrance

  1. [Wait till they get a load of me (Batman]

  2. Darkness Falls - (Judge Dredd 1995 OMPS) - The The

  3. A Batman Overture - (Batman and Robin OMPS) - Elliot Goldenthal

  4. Release the Pressure - (Judge Dredd OMPS 1995) - Leftfield

  5. [Joker kills the boss - (Batman)]

  6. See What I've Become - Jack Hemsey

  7. [Joker takes on the mob - (Batman)]

Chapter 2 Joker's Entrance Album Covers -Spotify Links

Chapter 3 - Joker Meets Batman

  1. Gotham City - (Batman and Robin) - R. Kelly (N/A Spotify)

  2. Partyman - (Batman Original Music Score) - Prince

  3. Crossing the River - (Batman Forever) - The Devlins (N/A Spotify)

  4. [Joker takes over Gotham Museum - (Batman)]

  5. [Joker meets Batman - (Batman)]

  6. Batman Throttles Ahead - HSUTR > Batman to the Rescue / Charge of the Batmobile / Decent into Mystery - (Batman) - Danny Elfman

  7. [Will you be using the Batpod, Sir - (The Dark Knight)]

  8. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me - (Batman Forever) - U2

Chapter 3 Joker Meets Batman Album Covers -Spotify Links

Chapter 4 - Joker Turns Up The Heat

  1. [Joker gives Gotham an enema (Batman)]

  2. If the World Turned Upside down (Finding Neverland) - The Goo Goo Dolls

  3. The Dark Knight Twisted - HSUTR > Hunt for the Dark Knight III (Batman: the Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2) - Christopher Drake - Aggressive Expansion - (The Dark Knight OMPS) - HZ / JNH

  4. [Joker's Mob Meeting - (The Dark Knight)]

  5. Ready Set Go - (Single) - Sam Tinnesz

  6. Introduce a Little Anarchy (The Dark Knight) - HZ / JNH

  7. [Some people just want the world to burn - (The Dark Knight)]

  8. [Joker's death warning - (The Dark Knight)]

Chapter 4 Joker' Turns Up The Heat - Album Covers -Spotify Links

Chapter 5 - Joker's Chaos

  1. We've Got a Robbery - (The Killing Joke OMPS) - Michael McCuistion

  2. [What the Joker Believes - (The Dark Knight]

  3. Imagine the Fire Reimagined - HSUTR > Imagine the Fire - (The Dark Knight Rises) - HZ / Like a Dog Chasing Cars - (The Dark Knight) - HZ / JNH

  4. [We are tonight's entertainment - (The Dark Knight)]

  5. And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad - (The Dark Knight) - HZ / JNH

  6. [All part of the plan / Let's put a smile on that face - (The Dark Knight)]

  7. Lazy Eyes - (Batman and Robin OMPS) - The Goo Goo Dolls

  8. [You changed things forever - (The Dark Knight)]

  9. Undefeated - (The Story So Far: Best Of Def Leppard) - Def Leppard

  10. [Everything burns - (The Dark Knight)]

Chapter 5 Joker's Chaos - Album Covers -Spotify Links

Chapter 6 - Battle For Gotham

  1. Arkham Origins Rebranded - HSUTR > Arkham Origins Main Title - (Arkham Origins OVGS) - Christopher Drake - Like A Dog Chasing Cars - (The Dark Knight) - HZ / JNH

  2. [Joker announces final grand performance - ('66 Batman TV Series)] - A HSU Tribute to Cesar Romero

  3. Trust - (Batman Original Music Score) - Prince

  4. [Joker poisons Gotham - (Batman)]

  5. The Batwing Attacks - HSUTE > Attack of the Batwing - (Batman) - Danny Elfman

  6. Over and Over - (Boxes) - The Goo Goo Dolls

  7. [Batman vs Joker Cathedral Fight - (Batman)  / Batman vs Joker Skyscraper Fight - (The Dark Knight)] 

  8. A Dark Knight Suite - HSUTR > The Dark Knight Returns - (The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 1 OMPS) - Christopher Drake - Arkham Origins Suite - (Arkham Origins OVGS) - Christopher Drake

Chapter 6 Battle For Gotham - Album Covers -Spotify Links

Chapter 7 - Batman Returns Forever

  1. Batman Ending Note - HSU Tribute Remix > Batman Theme Reprise - (Batman) - Danny Elfman - A Watchful Guardian - (The Dark Knight) - HZ / JNH

  2. Something in the Way - HSU Tribute Ending > Something in the Way - (The Batman Trailer Mix) - Clint Robinson / Jason Soares - L'Orchestra Cinematique / Alala

  3. HSU Outro

  4. [Underneath - (The Batman Trailer)] - Haider Ali

  5. Land of Confusion - (Reawakening) - Hidden Citizen

Chapter 7 Batman Returns Forever - Album Covers -Spotify Links



Director - Tim Burton

Batman - Michael Keaton

Joker - Jack Nicholson

Vicki Vale - Kim Basinger

Grissom - Jack Palance

Crimelord #2 - Joel Cutrara

Ricorso - John Dair

Rooftop Mugger - Clyde Gatell


Director - Christopher Nolan

Batman / Bruce Wayne - Christian Bale

Joker - Heath Ledger

Alfred - Michael Caine

Chechen - Ritchie Coster

Bank Manager - William Fichtner

Gentleman at Party - Patrick Leahy


Chapter 1 - Batman's Entrance

  1. HSU Infusion Fanfare / HSU FMX Fanfare - Warner Bros. Pictures Fanfare (New Updated Version)

  2. Into the Darkness (Single Version) - The Phantoms

  3. HSU Intro w / background music theme from The Batman - Michael Giacchino (Composer of The Batman OMPS)

  4. Batman Theme '21 - HSUTR < The Batman Theme ( Batman)  / Batman: Animated Series Theme - Danny Elfman

  5. [I'm Batman (Batman)]

  6. Molossos Edit Cut - HSUTE < Molossos - HZ (Hans Zimmer) /