About Home Studios Unlimited

HSU began in 2008 when the Founder, MatrixFx, banded together with a small group of students and formed an alliance in which they could use their passion and love for movies and music to find a common goal to pay Tribute and Honor Artist in the Broadcast, Film, Music and the Gaming Industry through a non-profit, non-commercial, fan-generated site. In 2009 went online and evolved from a simple site for the Laserlight Music Experience Matrix Series to over 10 years of web space for a complete Tribute Album Library to include five Tribute Album Channels along with a social media presence.

HSU Original Seal


In 2012 HSU adopted the Fan Generated Site, abbreviated FGS, as part of the HSU official  name after the release of Bulletproof, the MLX Tribute to the 2012 Summer Movies, and created Bulletproof Digital Sound as the name for the sound processing division for HSU. Then in 2014, HSU divided into three divisions as FGS (the web operations site), Solo Sound Works (the sound processing operations), and Bluepixel (the digital art operations). In 2020 HSU.FGS got it's first official mascot seal, with Astrobot, to represent HSU.FGS without using the Flagship seals.


About Infusion

Meet Gorn, the new seal mascot for the 2021 Flagship created from a concept design supplied by the HSU CEO.  Gorn is a member of the Mylar Species that you will soon be able to learn about when the new iWAV site launches. So using the concept design supplied by AxV, the staff then infused this new site together by combining the best parts of the previous Flagship engines from Whiteout, Skywatch, Blackstar, and Timeshift. Powered by the HSU TAL Titan Engine that was originally created under Blackstar Flagship and known as V6 (upgraded to V7 under Timeshift), Gorn, is now equipped with TE V8 for our journey going forward into 2021 and 2022. Infusion becomes the 10th named Flagship since 2012. See them all here.


About HSU iWAV

In 2017 with the induction of HSU-Whiteout, the HSU iWAV (interactive Web Archive Vault) was created and replaced the previous TAL Information Center that had been in place for five years prior. The iWAV archive was created as as a stand-alone site of HSU at it's own separate domain ( as a web archive for educational and reference history about HSU.FGS through the years past and to show where we are headed for the future. Currently, the old iWAV site has been closed to make room for the new site scheduled for release Spring / Summer 2022.


About Solo Sound Works

In 2014 with the release of the HSU 5-year Anniversary Flagship, Odessa, HSU.FGS created a separate sound processing division for Tribute Albums which came under the name of Solo Sound Works. With a handful of their own staff, SSW is responsible for the operations of Bulletproof Digital Sound, the HSU sound processing division. Although SSW is a division of HSU, it also operates on its own accord as they also work on independent projects outside of the HSU scope, but in the end HSU has top priority over all other projects independent of HSU.


About Bluepixel

In 2014 shortly before the release of Threshold for 2015, Blupixel was formed as the digital art division of HSU taking charge of all artwork relating to Tribute Albums and the operation of HSU.FGS.  The first artwork completed by Blupixel was the HSU Threshold logo design for 2015. In 2019 when the HSU Skyview Anniversary Summer Update was released, Blupixel changed the spelling of the name and became Bluepixel with the first cover art release of Jurassic Music Evolution under the new name.


About the HSU Founder

Having worked in the Movie Industry on the theatre side of Hollywood for many years, the Founder, MatrixFX, developed an avid affection for the love of movies and music. Later in his academic years after leaving the movie business behind, his passion became directed at dance and the techno genre. Then in 2008, he formed the idea that there needed to be a fan generated site that would honor and pay tribute to those music artist while providing an educational information site about the artist who influenced him so much. In doing so, his academic cohorts wanted to join him to celebrate their passion for movies and music which began HSU online in 2009. In 2020, MatrixFX stepped down as the CEO for an extended leave of absence after suffering deep family losses from the Covid-19 virus.

AdobeStock_101760769 (1).jpeg

About the HSU CEO


In 2020 when the Founder stepped down as CEO, he relinquished all property rights and ownership to his sincere friend, AxV, after the pair had meet in the mid 90s, when they both worked in the Movie industry.  Aside from the Founder, AxV, became the most senior staff member at HSU with over 7.5 years of time helping build HSU.FGS into a strong web presence. Much like the Founder, the CEO also has a strong passion for movies, music, and video games and was willing to carry the HSU torch further than it had ever gone before. After spending several years creating video game content for the Steam Community where he was actively engaged, AxV was willing to side-step his favorite hobby to take command of the HSU ship on her voyage into the future. Besides having worked in Movie Industry in Film Distribution Operations and as a Marketing Director, the CEO has an impressive background in the design industry, has operated multiple companies, is a real-life Batman for medically challenged and terminally-ill children in hospitals, and is currently writing 2 fiction novels based on true events. You can find his video game channel here.



Q-Does HSU.FGS make any money off its site material?

No! This site was created as a fan tribute and education site. All staff members involved share the same common goal and vonlunteer their time as hobby time for their passion for movies and music.

Q-Is HSU.FGS a digital music store?

No! This site was created as a fan tribute and education site. All Tribute Albums are offered as free downloads. This site is not a digital music store (per song basis) and does not distribute individual songs for purchase or download. All downloable material is the form of a complete Tribute Albums (in mp3 file format). Some TA-HPs do offer individual tracks for listening as a convince for the users interaction to play audio from, but those individual tracks cannot be downloaded.

Q-Can I use downloaded TAs for DJ purposes at private venues?

No! This site was created as a fan tribute and education site for home, end-user, private listening use only. Downloading TAs and using them for DJ purposes whether for commercial or private venues is a violation of HSU.FGS policy terms of use. Furthermore, to do so would be a violation of copyright law and would enfringe on the Artist rights which is also a violation of HSU.FGS terms of use.

Q-How many staff members does it take to operate HSU.FGS?

HSU.FGS is divided into three divisions with HSU.FGS, Solo Sound Works, and Bluepixel. Each division is run by a handful of staff but HSU.FGS does nor disclose the exact amount of staff members at any given time for any division. HSU.FGS is a fan generated site and all staff members use their site-time as hobby time, so HSU.FGS does not keep any records about staff nor do we disclose staff information other than what is given about the Founder and CEO who both agreed and volunteered to have their basic information disclosed.

Q-How does HSU.FGS obtain its material to make TAs?

All material used on this site has been legally obtained either through retail purchase or online digital music and video purchases. Other fan-made material may come from YouTube and other online digital sources such as social media sites and similar places. Some of our other fan-created material comes from staff themselves and other members of the community who volunteer to submit their created work for site use.

Q-I am a graphic artist and want to get my name and work out into the community. Can I submit artwork I created to be used on HSU.FGS so I can my name out there?

Yes. HSU.FGS will always credit the original artist if their work is submitted and used on HSU.FGS. If you are a artist and would like to submit your original designs to be used along with your website link, feel free to use our artist contact form with your contact information here, and choose artist information in the drop-box menu. The same applies for music artist.

Q-Will HSU.FGS be creating their own song material for purchase in the future?

Possible. We do have staff members that are musical artist themselves that have discussed using their own material that they created for site purposes but there are no plans at this time to add such material for sale.

Q-What is the HSU.FGS Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

You will find the Terms of Use here. You will find the Privacy Policy here

HSUFGS Acronyms and Definitions

In 2012 when the HSU staff expanded the channel listings and added the MLX Channel, the staff created a three letter filing system for all Tribute Albums. This filing system of acronyms was then adapted to be used across all pages of the site as the staff became accustomed to the changes. On the left side is the Main Channels (MC) List with each sub-cat (SC)(now known as series) listed under its respective channel indicated. Right side is for all other acronyms used on site in various places including the site main navigational menu bar. This list will be updated as more acronyms are created and labeled.

MC - GMC - Gods Music Channel

MC - LME - Laserlight Music Experience

SC - SLS - Matrix Single Letter Series

SC - DLS - Matrix Double Letter Series

SC - TZZ - Tranitized Series

MC - MLX - Music Listening Xperience

SC - FMX - Film Music Xperience

SC - BPX - Broadcast Paradox Xperience

SC - HMX - Horror Music Xperience

SC - VGX - Video Game Xperience

MC - MRC - Music Remix Compilations

SC - MTR - Music Tribute Remix

SC - MPP - Music Pulse Playlist

SC - MBC - Music Band Collective

MC - MNL - Music Node Legends

SC -MAL - Music Artist Legends

SC - MCL - Music Composer Legends

SC - HCL - Home Composite Legends

Listed by Alphabetical Order

ABM - Artist Bio Module

BAD - Band Artist Directory

CIC - Channel Information Center

EEC - Extended Editors Cut

FGS - Fan Generated Site

HSU - Home Studios Unlimited

HAP - HSU Artist Pedia

iWAV - interactive Web Archive Vault

LLH - (HSU's) Lyric Launch

MAD - Music Artist Directory

PSS - Project Story Script

RAD - Retro (Rock) Artist Directory

RAP - (HSU's) Raptor Pod

RRR - Retro Rock Radio

RTA - Retired Tribute Album

SAD - Solo Artist Directory 

SET - Special Edition Tribute

SETA - Special Edition Tribute Album

TAL - Tribute Album Library

TAP - Tribute Artist Playlist

TOP - Tribute Original Project

TRL - Tribue Request Line