HSU's Spotify Tribute Artist Playlist

With the inception of Infusion for 2021, HSU has created and added a new Spotify music category to be known as TAP (Tribute Artist Playlist) which will include HSU-Spotify created Playlist to expand our educational knowledge of even more Artist within the HSU.FGS scope of reach. The second purpose of these playlists is to give our members who want more expansion in their playlist options when interacting with HSU through the Spotify app. You can preview the playlist or go to the actual playlist by using the embedded player which contains a go-to button link. Once in Spotify, you can follow HSU and download each playlist. We will be adding additional playlist occasionally to build a complete playlist library. 


You Love, You Learn - 7.21.21

18 Songs 1 hr 20 min

A  playlist of hot hits from popular female solo artist about the pitfalls of love and relationships.


Past Blast: 1st Degree Love - 7.21.21

22 Songs 1 hr 33 min

A playlist of classic rock hits from the past dealing with love, relations, and life. Includes Bands of Supertramp, Heart, Foreigner, 38 Special, A-Ha, Little River Band and many more.


Past Blast: Running on Empty - 7.21.21

22 Songs 1 hr 30 min

A playlist of classic rock hits from the past including top notch Bands like The Eagles, Supertramp, The Moody Blues, joe Walsh and many others.


Beacon - 7.21.21

26 Songs 1 hr 52 min

A perfect playlist for those living in those coastline cities giving the feel of laid-back beach life and what a playlist should be for living near the ocean. 


Take Flight and Fight - 7.21.21

27 Songs 1 hr 29 min

Feel the need for speed from songs taken from some of the top fighter jet blockbuster films like Top Gun, Iron Eagle and other war films.